Rental Conditions

It usually starts at my showroom in the south of munich, where i make most stuff available for pickup. When possible i also offer deliveries and on site support. 


For a general quote please use the contact form with all your prefered gear, a rough timeframe and anything else what comes to your mind. I will get back to you with a fixed price and recommendations if needed, as soon as possible.


Since most of my customers rent whole packages or bigger sets of stompboxes for studio work it´s difficult to give a fix price per item. 


As a rough indication, a blues Junior would cost you around 20€ a day, 40 for the weekend ( Fri-Sun) and 80€ a full week.


Depending on the gear and the overall timeframe you rent out, i normaly request a security deposit until everything is returned to me. But no worries, we accept all major credit and debit cards.


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