Rental Conditions

It usually starts at our showroom in the south of munich, where we make most stuff available for pickup. When available we also offer deliveries and on site support. 


For a general quote please just use the contact form with your prefered gear, a rough timeframe and anything else what comes to your mind. We will get back to you with a fixed price and recommendations if needed, as soon as possible.


Since most of our customers rent full backline packages or bigger sets of stompboxes for studio work, we price most things up as a full package and not per item. If you have any budgets given to you by the tour manager or record company feel free to let us know.


As a rough price indication, a blues Junior would cost you around 30€ a day, 50 for the weekend ( Fri-Sun) and 90€ a full week.

( + 19% German VAT )


Depending on the gear you rent out, we occansionally request a security deposit until everything is returned.


We accept all major Credit- and Debitcards. For long distance reservation fees we normaly use Paypal or ( within Europe ) Bank transfers.




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