Bass Gear

Even though we are specialized in 6 string stuff, we are constantly growing our product range to next level. So for the touring band we stock all the essentials you may need as a Bass Player for your small club gig, rehearsals or easily as a back up.



AMPs / Heads

Bass Backline Orange Munich Rentals Orange OR-120

Orange OR120


Year: 1976


Like with most 70s gear there was no real specification of the use for Bass or for Guitar. All a bit depending an how many people are in front of you these 120W make a great Bass Head. Paired with a 4x10 cab makes it a great combo for even bigger clubs.

Bass Backline Music Man vintage Munich Europe Music Man HD-130

Music Man HD130


Year: 1976


Seperate Inputs for Bass or Guitar, but trying both of them deffinately pays out. 135 Watt in a handy format igood enough for most occasions.

Bass Guitar Fender Backline Vintage Los Angeles Fender Bassman 135

Fender Bassman 135


Year: 1978


The strongest of the Vintage Bassman Heads. Fairly linear curve with a very nice compression right from the start.

Marshall DBS 7400 Backline Rental Studio Vermietung Bassverstärker Marshall DBS 7400

Marshall DBS 7400


Year: 1994


Straight forward Hybrid Amp ! 400w !

Laney G150 Rental Laney G150

Laney G-150


Classic Solid State Head, great for rehearsals where you don´t have to play on against a drummer

A.M.P. Amplified Music Parts SL-1 Rentals A.M.P. Amplified Music Parts SL-1

A.M.P. Amplified Music Parts SL-1


Legandary Bass Preamp

Peavey Sessionbass

Peavey Sessionbass


Made in USA solid state amp, with 200w loud enough for most venues.





Cabs / Speaker

Ampeg SVT 810EN Rental Backline Bass Effektpedale mieten Ampeg SVT 810EN

Ampeg SVT 810EN


Year: 1999


Best Rock Cab since 50 years

Fender Bassman 4x12


A huge cab with huge vintage volume. Still with all original speaker, sounds nice & tight.


100Watt / 4 Ohm

LDS 1x15


1x15 Celestion Speaker

Lightweight 1x15 Cab, nice for deep rehearsals.

Peavey 410 TVX


4x10 Sheffield Speaker

300 Watt / 4 Ohm

Peavey 115


300 Watt / 4 Ohm






Bass Guitars

Gibson EB-11 Les Paul DC ( Short Scale ) Rental backline Bass Guitar Vermietung Tour Europe Gibson EB-11

Gibson EB-11 Les Paul DC ( Short Scale )


Year: 2011


Great and handy Short Scale Gibson in Pelham Blue.

Offers very nice sound variations.

Fender Squier Jazz Bass


Nice slimm neck. Upgraded fretwork and electronics.



Fender Noiseless, neck

DiMarzio Ultra Jazz Noiseless, bridge

Epiphone EB-03


SG Style Bass with moderate neck and

huge sound.

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