Bass Gear

Even though we are specialized in 6 string stuff, we are constantly growing our product range to next level. So for the touring band we stock all the essentials you may need as a Bass Player for your small club gig, rehearsals or easily as a back up.



AMPs / Heads

Bass Backline Orange Munich Rentals Orange OR-120

Orange OR120


Year: 1976


Like with most 70s gear there was no real specification of the use for Bass or for Guitar. All a bit depending an how many people are in front of you these 120W make a great Bass Head. Paired with a 4x10 cab makes it a great combo for even bigger clubs.

Bass Backline Music Man vintage Munich Europe Music Man HD-130

Music Man HD130


Year: 1976


Seperate Inputs for Bass or Guitar, but trying both of them deffinately pays out. 135 Watt in a handy format igood enough for most occasions.

Bass Guitar Fender Backline Vintage Los Angeles Fender Bassman 135

Fender Bassman 135


Year: 1978


The strongest of the Vintage Bassman Heads. Fairly linear curve with a very nice compression right from the start.

Marshall DBS 7400 Backline Rental Studio Vermietung Bassverstärker Marshall DBS 7400

Marshall DBS 7400


Year: 1994


Straight forward Hybrid Amp ! 400w !

Laney G150 Rental Laney G150

Laney G-150


Classic Solid State Head, great for rehearsals where you don´t have to play on against a drummer

A.M.P. Amplified Music Parts SL-1 Rentals A.M.P. Amplified Music Parts SL-1

A.M.P. Amplified Music Parts SL-1


Legandary Bass Preamp

Peavey Sessionbass

Peavey Sessionbass


Made in USA solid state amp, with 200w loud enough for most venues.





Cabs / Speaker

Ampeg SVT 810EN Rental Backline Bass Effektpedale mieten Ampeg SVT 810EN

Ampeg SVT 810EN


Year: 1999


Best Rock Cab since 50 years

Fender Bassman 4x12


A huge cab with huge vintage volume. Still with all original speaker, sounds nice & tight.


100Watt / 4 Ohm

LDS 1x15


1x15 Celestion Speaker

Lightweight 1x15 Cab, nice for deep rehearsals.

Peavey 410 TVX


4x10 Sheffield Speaker

300 Watt / 4 Ohm

Peavey 115


300 Watt / 4 Ohm






Bass Guitars

Fender Squier Jazz Bass


Nice slimm neck. Upgraded fretwork and electronics.



Fender Noiseless, neck

DiMarzio Ultra Jazz Noiseless, bridge

Epiphone EB-03


SG Style Bass with moderate neck and

huge sound.

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