Guitar Amps & Others

All of my amps run through periodical service check ups, including the German safety rule >DGUV Vorschrift 3 and VDE 0702<. In general the amps are biased on a medium level with fresh tubes. 

Fender Princeton Reverb Silverface 1974 Verleih München Fender Princeton Reverb Silverface

Fender Princeton Reverb Silverface


Baujahr: 1974


Fully restored with new filter caps and a WGS G10/C speaker

Fender Bassman 50 1970 München Veremietung Amp Gitarre Fender Bassman 50 1970

Fender Bassman 50


Baujahr: 1970


Great Guitar Studio Amp !

Fender Bassman 135 Mod München Verleih Gitarre Vermietung Fender Bassman 135

Fender Bassman 135


Baujahr: 1978


Slightly modded Bassman which works great for Guitar and Bass ! Despite the UL transformer it has a warm but straight sound. Takes pedals nicely !

Fender Performer 1000 Rentasl Munich Europ Los angeles Backline Gitarre An Verkauf Fender Performer 1000

Fender Performer 1000

Year: 1993


Another nice approach from Fender into the Hybrid world ( tube pre and solid state power amp section ) It has 3 channels and sounds really fanatstic. Takes also pedals very well.

MUsicMan HD130 München Amp verleih MusicMan HD 130 1976

MusicMan HD 130


Baujahr: 1976


Well known from Eric Clapton it is a fantastic bass amp as well !

Guyatone GA-940 Rental Refurbished Munich Shop Los Angeles Guyatone GA-940

Guyatone GA-940


Year: 1974


The purest of all amps. Sounding like an old Bassman with a touch of Selmer from the UK.                       50w from 2 6L6 and all in a very small and handy headshell.

Fender Champ 12 mods KT88 New Caps Backline Stuidio rental Fender Champ 12

Fender Champ 12


Year: 1989


Initially a standard Champ 12, but now with some great mods.

Music Man 112 RD50 1983 Music Man 112 RD50

MusicMan 112 RD 50


Baujahr: 1983


Fully stock with a huge amount of power given it´s size an weight. On board reverb and 2 individual channels.

Guyatone Reverb Combo GA-1030 Backline Rental Munich Europe Film production Guyatone GA-1030 Reverb Combo

Guyatone GA-1030 Reverb Combo


Year: 1974


Great neighbour to the Fender Princeton Reverb. Slightly different to the original, with an fairly early blues breakup around half way on the volume knob. It is equipped with 2 EL84 so not too lound but very full due to its 12" speaker.

Laney Klipp 100 Rentals Backline Recap Munich München Vermietung Laney Klipp 100

Laney Klipp 100


Year: 1974


Great sounding piece of history. The Klipp Channel is famous for it´s brutal wide Doom, Stoner, Sabbath Sound.

Orange OR120


Year: 1976


Great clean sound and a real pedal monster. It takes them all !

Marshall 2204 JMP/JCM800 Verleih München Marshall 2204 JMP/JCM800

Marshall 2204 JMP/JCM800


Baujahr: 1980


The 50w version of a Rock & Roll legend. Indestrictable !

Marshall 2203 Rentals Los angeles Innsbruck Austria  germany munich Marshall 2203

Marshall 2203           JMP/JCM800


Baujahr: 1978




Fully refurbished and retubed 100w 2203. Has seen many stage in his live already, so don´t stop him !

Marshall Super Lead 1987 50w Verleih München Marshall Super Lead 1987 50w

Marshall Super Lead 1987 50w


Year: 1977




Fully stock, loud as hell and with a rather heavy breakup.

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550  50w München Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550 50w

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550  50w


Baujahr: 1988




The 50w Slash version before the Slash version did exist.

Marshall JCM 800 2210 München Verleih Marshall 2210 JCM 800

Marshall JCM 800 2210


Year: 1986


Fully stock !

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 Verleih München Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100


Baujahr: 2004




Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 4100 Verleih München Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 4100

Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 4500


Baujahr 1994



Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb Rental München EL34 Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb

Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 4500  EL34 Version


Baujahr: 1992

Marshall 6100LE Limited Edition Verleih München Marshall 6100LE Limited Edition

Marshall 6100LE Limited Edition


Baujahr: 1994


Early original version stocked with EL34s

Marshall LEAD 100 MOSFET 3210


Baujahr: 1985

                                     Legendary SS Amp

Marshall JCM900 Combo 2x12 Munich Backline Rentals Los angeles Amsterdam Marshall JCM900 4502

Marshall JCM900 DR


Year: 1990


First batch pruduction Combo from 1990.

With EL34s, G12T-75s and a fairly smooth sound.

Marshall Mercury revcording amp 2060 Munich Backline Best coast Los angeles Rental Marshall Mercury 2060

Marshall Mercury 2060


Year: 1972


One single EL84 with around 5w output makes ist a great recording amp. Including on board tremolo. It sports a Celestion Greenback since the original speaker sounded very thin and trebbly

Marshall Lead 12 Verleih München Marshall Lead 12

Marshall Lead 12

Baujahr: 1985


Originalzustand mit neuen Potis und kultigem Charakter

Marshall Reverb 12 München Marshall Reverb 12

Marshall Reverb 12

Baujahr: 1987


Ein Lead 12 mit Reverb

Fender HQArvard Reverb Rent Munich Fender Harvard Reverb

Fender Harvard Reverb


Baujahr: 1981


Ein ganz seltener alter Transistor Fender aus der Anfangszeit der Transistoren. Er ist verdammt laut und ist eine wahnsinns Basis für alle Pedale !!! Der aktuelle Speaker ist ein WGS Veteran 10

Marshall 5275 München Backline Rental Marshall Master Lead 75

Marshall 5275 Master Lead 75

Baujahr: 1984


Originalzustand mit Celestion Sidewinder Speaker

Dynavord KV-10 München Verleih Gitarrenverleih Dynavord KV-10

Dynacord KV-10

Baujahr: 1957


Fully restored german classic. Credits big love from harp players ! Sports an Celesiton speaker.

Marshall 2104 Master Lead Verleih München Marshall 2104 Master Lead

Marshall 2104 Master Lead


Baujahr: 1979


( Comboversion vom 2204 ) Generalüberholt mit originalen Celestion G12/65 Speakern

Marshall Master Lead 2103 100w Backline Rental Innsbruck Munich Europe Marshall 2103

Marshall 2103 Master Lead


Year: 1980


The 100w version of the amp above. Fully refurbished and a massive sound. No PA, no problem

Marshall 2104   JCM 800 Verleih München Marshall 2104 JCM 800

Marshall 2104   JCM 800


Baujahr: 1981


Originalzustand, JCM 800 in Comboversion mit Celestion G12/65er Speakern

Selmer Zodiac 50 MKII Verleih Rental Munich Verstärker Selmer Zodiac 50 MKII

Selmer Zodiak 50 MKII


Baujahr: 1966


Mit 1966er Celestion pre Rola G12H


Vox AC30 CC2 Verleih München Vox AC30 CC2

Vox AC30 CC2


Baujahr: 2005


Aktuellere Version des AC30s jedoch mit Gleichrichteröhre und vielen praxistauglichen features.

Fender Blues Junior III München Fender Blues Junior III

Fender Blues Junior III


Baujahr: 2008


Latest version from Mexico, has been modded to abolute no noise silence. Original Speaker has been changed to a 1980 Celestion G12/65 444 Cone one.

Fender Blues Junior III Emerald Green Eminence Cannabis Rex  Vermietung Perser Fender Blues Junior III

Fender Blues Junior III


Baujahr: 2011


Aktuelle Version mit Stock Eminence Cannabis Rex Speaker



Laney GA-150 Backline Rental Munich Innsbruck Europe Laney GA-150

Laney GA-150


Classic 80s Bass Amp with DI OUT and power stage input. Works great as stage monitor or smaller club gigs.




MArshall 1935A Cab Munich Backline Rental Los angeles Europe Full Stack Marshall 1935A Bass

Marshall 1935A Bass


Year: 1979


Original Celestion Blackbacks with

55hz cone

Marshall 1982B Celestion G12H30 Hendrix Munich Backline Studio Marshall 1982B

Marshall 1982B


Year: 1969


Almoust not a cab, but the ultimate Holy Grail of rock history !

G12H30 Speaker all dated within a few days and fully working. Regards from Hendrix and Page


Marshall 1960B Green Limited Edition JCM800 Backline München Recording Studio Marshall 1960B Green Limited Edition

Marshall 1960B Limited Edition


Year: 1986


Dark green tolex with G12T-75 Celestions 1st issue.

Marshall 1960 A JCM800 Backline Studio G12-65 Marshall 1960 A JCM800

Marshall 1960A JCM800


Year: 1983


Original G12-65 ( my personal favorite )


Marshall 1960A JCM900  90s Classic Cab with standard G12T75 Speakers MArshall 1960A

Marshall 1960A JCM900


90s Classic Cab with standard G12T75 Speakers

MArshall 1960B Backlien Rentals Vermietung Studioequipment Marshall 1960B

Marshall 1960A JCM900


90s Classic Cab with standard G12T75 Speakers

Marshall 2097 8x8 pa Cab Conversion 2x12 Rental 1977 JTM50 Grille Cloth Marshall 2097

Marshall 2097 2x12


Year: 1977


Originally a 8x8 PA cab which has been converted to a very nice 2x12. Loaded with Celestion G12-65 Speakers from 1982 it ist perfect for limited space on the stage and great as an External cab for small combos.

Marshall 1936 2x12 Backline Service Europe Innsbruck Austria Munich Germany Marshall 1936 2x12

Marshall 1936


Year: 1996


2x12 cab with G12T/75

also available with:

Celestion G12-V30,


G12-65 or Celestion G12-V60s ( small fee may apply )


Laney 1x12" Cab rentals Tour Europe US Laney 1x12" Cab

Laney 1x12" Cab


Very nice an light 1x12" full sounding cab. Sports a Celestion V30 with 60w.

ENGL 412 Pro Vintage 30s Munich Backline Rental Europe Innsbruck Los Angeles ENGL 412 Pro

ENGL 412 Pro


Year: 1996


A almoust vintage ENGL cab with 4 Celestion Vintage 30s. Made out of solid plywood, ultra defined sound and with it´s 55kg of weight it will be the sturdy as hell.

Echolette ET400 VintGE bACKLINE mÜNCHEN mUNICH Tour equipment Echolette ET400

Echolette ET400


Year: 1967


Classic 2x15" Bass Cab from the 60s.

Well defined not too deep bass sound. Great for guitar with a deep bottom end, very mellow sounding.

Fender Bassman Cab 2x15 München Vermietung Stack Fender Bassman 2x15"

Fender Bassman Cab 2x15"


Baujahr: 1970


2x15"er Box with original CTS Speakers.


Sounds great for Guitar !

Fender Bassmann 100 Cab from 1977. It has a huge but well defined sound. It doesn´t really give a massiv low end but whoever played it so far, was nicely impressed.

LDS 15" Bass Cab Backline Rental Munich Europe Los Angeles Studio LDS 15" Bass Cab

LDS Bass Cab 15"


Nice Bottom Cab loaded with a Celestion 15" K15-200T Speaker. Easy to handle and with 8 Ohm load a nice combination to a 4x10.


Amplified MUsic Parts AMP SL-1 Bass PReamt Rentals Backline AMP SL-1

A.M.P. Amplified Music Parts SL-1 Bass Preamp

Marshall PB-100

Power Brake


Selbst nach vielen Tests diverser Leistungsreduzierer bin ich immer wieder zur Marshall PB-100 zurückgekommen. Für einen alten Plexi wunderbar zu gebrauchen.

Marshall SE-100 Speaker Emulator


Viele haben ihn verwendet, als Mischsignal zur Ampabnahme hinzugefügt eine gute Ergänzung



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