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Marshall 1935A JCM800 Bass Marshall 1935A JCM800 Bass

Marshall 1935A JCM800 Bass


Year: 1981


Celstion G12-65 equipped

( 444 Bass cones )

MArshall 1935A Cab Munich Backline Rental Los angeles Europe Full Stack Marshall 1935A Bass

Marshall 1935A Bass


Year: 1979


Original Celestion Blackbacks with

55hz cone

Marshall 1982B Celestion G12H30 Hendrix Munich Backline Studio Marshall 1982B

Marshall 1982B


Year: 1969


Almoust not a cab, but the ultimate Holy Grail of rock history !

G12H30 Speaker all dated within a few days and fully working. Regards from Hendrix and Page


Marshall 1960B Green Limited Edition JCM800 Backline München Recording Studio Marshall 1960B Green Limited Edition

Marshall 1960B Limited Edition


Year: 1986


Dark green tolex with G12T-75 Celestions 1st issue.

Marshall 1960 A




Totally beaten up ( but great working )

1960A with G12T75 Speakers

Marshall 1960 A JCM800 Backline Studio G12-65 Marshall 1960 A JCM800

Marshall 1960A JCM800


Year: 1983


Original G12-65 ( my personal favorite )


Marshall 1960A JCM900  90s Classic Cab with standard G12T75 Speakers MArshall 1960A

Marshall 1960A JCM900


90s Classic Cab with standard G12T75 Speakers

Marshall 1960A  Tour Rentals Equipment Munich Marshall 1960A

Marshall 1960A


Year: 2004


Heavily Road Used Marshall Cap with

Celestions G12-50s

MArshall 1960B Backlien Rentals Vermietung Studioequipment Marshall 1960B

Marshall 1960A JCM900


90s Classic Cab with standard G12-75T Speakers

Marshall 2097 8x8 pa Cab Conversion 2x12 Rental 1977 JTM50 Grille Cloth Marshall 2097

Marshall 2097 2x12


Year: 1977


Originally a 8x8 PA cab which has been converted to a very nice 2x12. Loaded with Celestion G12-65 Speakers from 1982 it ist perfect for limited space on the stage and great as an External cab for small combos.

Marshall 1936 2x12 Backline Service Europe Innsbruck Austria Munich Germany Marshall 1936 2x12

Marshall 1936


Year: 1996


2x12 cab with G12T/75

also available with:

Celestion G12-V30,


G12-65 or Celestion G12-V60s ( small fee may apply )


Laney 1x12" Cab rentals Tour Europe US Laney 1x12" Cab

Laney 1x12" Cab


Very nice an light 1x12" full sounding cab. Sports a Celestion V30 with 60w.

Laney 2x12 Cab Celestion V30s Loaded Rental Backline Innsbruck Laney 2x12 Cab

Laney 2x12" Cab Celestion V30


Nice and solid 2x12 Cab. Convenient outer dimensions, loaded with 2 Celestion V30s

ENGL 412 Pro Vintage 30s Munich Backline Rental Europe Innsbruck Los Angeles ENGL 412 Pro

ENGL 412 Pro


Year: 1996


A almoust vintage ENGL cab with 4 Celestion Vintage 30s. Made out of solid plywood, ultra defined sound and with it´s 55kg of weight it will be the sturdy as hell.

Fender SC112 - 1x12" Cab Fender supoer champ cab 1x12 Vintage MOdern Fender SC112 - 1x12" Cab

Fender SC112 - 1x12" Cab


Year: 2014


External Cab for the Fender

Super Champ X2 - Celestion Loaded

Echolette ET400 VintGE bACKLINE mÜNCHEN mUNICH Tour equipment Echolette ET400

Echolette ET400


Year: 1967


Classic 2x15" Bass Cab from the 60s.

Well defined not too deep bass sound. Great for guitar with a deep bottom end, very mellow sounding.

Fender Bassman Cab 2x15 München Vermietung Stack Fender Bassman 2x15"

Fender Bassman Cab 2x15"


Baujahr: 1970


2x15"er Box with original CTS Speakers.


Sounds great for Guitar !

Fender Bassmann 100 Cab

from 1977.

It has a huge but well defined sound. It doesn´t really give a massiv low end but whoever played it so far, was nicely impressed.

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