About me...

I started Munich Amp Rentals in 2016 based on my  passion in collecting old amps and effect pedals. As my private collection grew to a dimension where it was almost a shame to keep these great sounding pieces only for myself.

Since most recording studios don´t stock much vintage inventory anymore due to the high maintenance costs, i decided to offer this service as an studio backliner.


What´s rather secondary in a live environment, where for me reliability is a number one criteria, is pretty important in the studio where it makes a big difference which pedal is combined with which amp and even if you´re a les Paul guy, sometimes a tele works wonders on the tape.


Soon after 2017 I started also to offer my service to several touring bands from abroad, who were looking for an all in Rental Service for their European Tours.


Being a guitar player and technician myself for almost 30 years, I´m happy to offer my skills and accompany your local gigs as good as i can. With a couple of colleagues on hand, it always has been a great sucess.


As there are several big backliners out there, i try to keep my focus on gear, they normally don´t offer, and on personal service they sometimes can´t provide. If you´re planning a club tour, a gig or a recording session feel free to drop me an email or give me a call.


Stay tuned..... Andreas

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