Vox AC30TB from 1966 JMI Vox AC30TB from 1966

Other Vintage Legends

HH Electronic - VS Musician 1977 Cap Job Munich Bckline rental HH Electronic - VS Musician

HH Electronic - VS Musician


Year: 1977


Great sounding Solid State amp. Celestion speaker equipped and great with pedals.

Roy NB-60 German Amp Kitty Hawk AC30 Roy NB-60

Roy NB-60


Year: 1972


Great Amp based on the AC30. It´s originally made for bass, so it has much more clean headroom over an AC30

Selmer Zodiac 50 MKII Verleih Rental Munich Verstärker Selmer Zodiac 50 MKII

Selmer Zodiak 50 MKII


Year: 1966


Loud and very clean, it doesn´t look like, but it will take any peadboard, from Jazz to Thrash Metal. Celestion pre Rola G12Hs equipped.


Traynor YGM-3 Amp Rental MUnich German Europe Traynor YGM-3

Traynor YGM-3


Year: 1975


Canadian Vintage Classic with a tonal area of old Marshall Bluesbreakers. Great cleans as well and Tremolo.

Hand-Wired Princeton Reverb


Hand wired 1:1 copy of an old Princeton Reverb. With an 1x12" Eminence, perfect for many live situations where the original is just to valuable.  

Dynavord KV-10 München Verleih Gitarrenverleih Dynavord KV-10

Dynacord KV-10

Baujahr: 1957


Fully restored german classic. Credits big love from harp players ! Sports an Celesiton speaker.

Roland JC-50 Jazz Chorus Rental Munich Germany Tour 2020 Roland JC-50

Roland JC-50


Year: 1979


Just Clean! 2 available !

Session - Sessionette 75 Rare - renovated Clapton Rental Backline Session - Sessionette 75

Session - Sessionette 75


Year: 1981


Great Sounding SS Amp from the early 80s. Made in the UK.

Smart 20 - Handwired


Very pure "Master & Tone only" Amp.

Works great with Pedals, as a backup or if you just don´t need anything fancy. 20 Watts out of 2 EL84 and

2 ECC83s, with 1x12" speaker configuration.

Supro Blues 12 Backline MUnich Supro Blues 12

Supro Blues 12


Nice Crunchy alternative to the Blues Junior. Light and handy

Orange OR120


Year: 1976


Great clean sound and a real pedal monster. It takes them all !

Orange TH30 Backline Rental Munich Orange TH30

Orange TH30


Year: 2010


Great modern sounding little Orange. Works great with most pedals.

Celestion G12H30 70th Anniv. 



MUsicMan HD130 München Amp verleih MusicMan HD 130 1976

MusicMan HD 130


Year: 1976


Well known from Eric Clapton it is a fantastic bass amp as well !

Music Man 112 RD50 1983 Music Man 112 RD50

MusicMan 112 RD 50


Baujahr: 1983


Fully stock with a huge amount of power given it´s size an weight. On board reverb and 2 individual channels.

Guyatone Reverb Combo GA-1030 Backline Rental Munich Europe Film production Guyatone GA-1030 Reverb Combo

Guyatone GA-1030 Reverb Combo


Year: 1974


Great neighbour to the Fender Princeton Reverb. Slightly different to the original, with an fairly early blues breakup around half way on the volume knob. It is equipped with 2 EL84 so not too lound but very full due to its 12" speaker.

Guyatone GA-940 Rental Refurbished Munich Shop Los Angeles Guyatone GA-940

Guyatone GA-940


Year: 1974


The purest of all amps. Sounding like an old Bassman with a touch of Selmer from the UK.                     50w from 2 6L6 and all in a very small and handy headshell.

Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK1 Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK1

Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK1


3 individal Channels, also available as 2x12" Combo 

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