Vox AC30TB from 1966 JMI Vox AC30TB from 1966

Marshall - Amps

Marshall 2104 Master Lead Verleih München Marshall 2104 Master Lead

Marshall 2104 Master Lead


Year: 1979


( Comboversion of the classic 2004 )  Celestion G12/65 Speakers

Marshall Master Lead 2103 100w Backline Rental Innsbruck Munich Europe Marshall 2103

Marshall 2103 Master Lead


Year: 1980


The 100w version of the amp above. Fully refurbished and a massive sound. No PA, no problem

Marshall 2104   JCM 800 Verleih München Marshall 2104 JCM 800

Marshall 2104   JCM 800


Baujahr: 1981


Originalzustand, JCM 800 in Comboversion mit Celestion G12/65er Speakern

Marshall JCM900 Combo 2x12 Munich Backline Rentals Los angeles Amsterdam Marshall JCM900 4502

Marshall JCM900 DR


Year: 1990


First batch pruduction Combo from 1990.

With EL34s, G12T-75s and a fairly smooth sound.

Marshall Lead 12 Verleih München Marshall Lead 12

Marshall Lead 12

Year: 1985


Classic Solid state amp with a typical JCM800 character. Used on more records then you might think

Marshall Mercury revcording amp 2060 Munich Backline Best coast Los angeles Rental Marshall Mercury 2060

Marshall Mercury 2060


Year: 1972


One single EL84 with around 5w output makes ist a great recording amp. Including on board tremolo. It sports a Celestion Greenback since the original speaker sounded very thin and trebbly

Marshall AS50D - Acoustic Rental Backline One man show Singer Songwriter Marshall AS50D

Marshall AS50D - Acoustic


Dedicated Amp for Acoustics or Singer Songwriter shows. Features a MIC and Line input

Marshall 6100LE Limited Edition Verleih München Marshall 6100LE Limited Edition

Marshall 6100LE Limited Edition


Baujahr: 1994


Early original version stocked with EL34s

Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb Rental München EL34 Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb

Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 4500  EL34 Version


Baujahr: 1992

Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 4100 Verleih München Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 4100

Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 4500


Baujahr 1994



Marshall DSL 100

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 Verleih München Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100


Year: 1997




Marshall JCM 800 2210 München Verleih Marshall 2210 JCM 800

Marshall JCM 800 2210


Year: 1986


Fully stock !

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550  50w München Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550 50w

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550  50w


Baujahr: 1988




The 50w Slash version before the Slash version did exist.

Marshall Super Lead 1987 50w Verleih München Marshall Super Lead 1987 50w

Marshall Super Lead 1987 50w


Year: 1977




Fully stock, loud as hell and with a rather heavy breakup.

Marshall 2203 JCM 800 MOD extra gain stage Marshall 2203 JCM 800 MOD

Marshall 2203 JCM 800


Year: 1994


Marshall 2203 Rentals Los angeles Innsbruck Austria  germany munich Marshall 2203

Marshall 2203           JMP/JCM800


Baujahr: 1978




Fully refurbished and retubed 100w 2203. Has been on so many stages in his live already, so don´t stop him !

Marshall - Super Bass Model 1992 Rentals Verstärker mieten Proberaum Marshall - Super Bass

Marshall - Super Bass Model 1992


Year: 1979


A rather end of the period 100 Watt Super Bass with the classic full sound, freshly serviced and great for Pedals.

Marshall 2204 JMP/JCM800 Verleih München Marshall 2204 JMP/JCM800

Marshall 2204 JMP/JCM800


Year: 1980


The 50w version of a Rock & Roll legend. Indestructable !

Marshall JMP:1  50 W Marshall JMP:1 50 W

Marshall JMP:1

50 W


Year: 2013




Marshalls best attempt with an Digital Preamp and a All Tube Power Amp.

Marshall Master Reverb 30 Rental Backline Amps Marshall Master Reverb 30

Marshall Master Reverb 30


Year: late 80s


One of Marshall best Solid State amps.

Great base sound and takes Pedals very well. 

Marshall Valvestate 8080 Mieten Rental Backline Munich Marshall Valvestate 8080

Marshall Valvestate 8080


Good reliable Hybrid amp with tube driven Distortion. Comes standard with an early version of an 1x12" Eminence Legend



Marshall Valvestate 8020 Rentasl Ne Pots new Jacks Marshall Valvestate 8020

Marshall Valvestate 8020


The smalest brother of all Valvestates with just everything you need. Perfect as backup or to fiddle around behind the stage. 

All Solid State with 1x10" Speaker

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