Vox AC30TB from 1966 JMI Vox AC30TB from 1966

Fender - Amps

63" Fender Vibroverb RI 1992 63" Fender Vibroverb RI

63` Fender Vibroverb RI


Year: 1992


2x10" Reissue version of one of the most sought after Fenders. 

Fender Blues Deluxe Backline Rental Fender Blues Deluxe

Fender Blues Deluxe


Year: 1997


Made in USA Version

Rental Backline Fender Blues De Ville 212 Effektpedale mieten Fender Blues De Ville 212

Fender Blues De Ville 212


Year: 1995


Great Amp with great cleans !

The Drive Channel gives you just the right amount of compressed dirt you need to tell the world all your sorrow. And oh, almost forgot, it´s damn loud !

Fender Pro Junior Laquered Tweed Relic Jensen p10n Custom Shop rental backline münchen Fender Pro Junior

Fender Pro Junior


Year: 2000


Made in USA Fender Pro Jr with Jensen 10" Speaker. Great Mojo with its relic laqueres tweed housing. Really lightweight but suitable for small club gigs or big stages. 

Fender Blues Junior III Emerald Green Eminence Cannabis Rex  Vermietung Perser Fender Blues Junior III

Fender Blues Junior III


Year: 2011


 Eminence Cannabis Rex Speaker



Fender Blues Junior III München Fender Blues Junior III

Fender Blues Junior III


Baujahr: 2008


Latest version from Mexico, has been modded to abolute no noise silence. 

Fender 75 New Caps Backline Studio rental Fender 75

Fender 75


Year: 1980


Massive Sound with its 1x15" Speaker. Clean and Reverb

Fender Super Champ X2 Rental Vintag Tour Concert Fender Super Champ X2

Fender Super Champ X2 Head


Year: 2014


Classic Modern Version of the Champ. Nice lightweight head with 15w and great clean sound.

                          Original Fender (SC112 ) 1x12" available too.

Fender Champ 12 Fender Champ 12

Fender Champ 12

Fender Twin Reverb Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Twin Reverb


Year: 1978


With original JBL 130Ds

Fender Twin Reverb  UL 1980 Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Twin Reverb 


Year: 1980


Modified mid boost. 135w Version 

Fender Deluxe Reverb II Rental Backline Vintage München Munich Frankfurt Fender Deluxe Reverb II

Fender Deluxe Reverb II


Year: 1982


Fully restored with

Eminence Canabis Rex Speaker

Fender Princeton Reverb Silverface 1974 Verleih München Fender Princeton Reverb Silverface

Fender Princeton Reverb Silverface


Year: 1974


Fully restored with new filter caps and a WGS G10/C speaker

Fender - The Twin ( Red Knob ) 1990 Repaired Fender - The Twin ( Red Knob )

Fender - The Twin


Year: 1990


Clean Monster,

fully refurbished !

Fender Bassman 135 Mod München Verleih Gitarre Vermietung Fender Bassman 135

Fender Bassman 135


Year: 1978


Slightly modded Bassman which works great for Guitar and Bass ! Despite the UL transformer it has a warm but straight sound. Takes pedals nicely !

Fender 65`Deluxe Reverb Amp Reissue rental backline Munich Repirshop Fender 65`Deluxe Reverb Amp

Fender 65`Deluxe Reverb Amp ( Head )


Year: 2014

Fender Bassman  ( Blackface ) 1965 Rental Vintage Pearls Gear Germany RECAP Fender Bassman ( Blackface )

Fender Bassman

( Blackface )


Year: 1965


The holy grail of modern Rock´n`Roll

Fender Bassman 50 Rental Studio Fender Bassman 50

Fender Bassman 50


Year: 1972

Fender Bassman 50 1970 München Veremietung Amp Gitarre Fender Bassman 50 1970

Fender Bassman 50


Year: 1970


Great Guitar Studio Amp !

Fender Harvard Reverb Fender Harvard Reverb

Fender Harvard Reverb - Solid State


Year: 1981

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