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1978 Big Muff Pi V5 München Vermietung Verleih Los Angeles Backline Rental 1978 Big Muff Pi V5
Ibanez OT10 Octave
MArshall 2060 Mercury Los angeles Munich Germany Rental Backline Studio Marshall Mercury 2060

Your Rental Service for Vintage Amps - Guitars and Stompboxes in Munich


- Studio - Live - Rehearsal - Film -

From a single Boss DS-1 to a set of overdrives, from a single guitar combo to a full Marshall stack, we carry a wide range of amps, stompboxes, guitars and other gear for the active musician. Primary laid-out for studio work we are also happy to support your local gig or bigger event anywhere in Europe.  


Created out of a long term collection of vintage gear, our passion is clearly the search of the best sound for your production, combined with great service !


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