Sigma 00M-1STS-SB Gitarre mieten München, Leihen Fender Pro Junior CS LE
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Your Rental Service for Vintage Amps, Stompboxes and Tour Backline in Munich


- Studio - Live - Rehearsal - Film -

From a single Boss DS-1 to a set of overdrives, from a single guitar combo to a full Marshall stack, we carry a wide range of amps, stompboxes, guitars and other gear for the active musician. Originally laid-out for studio work, we are as well happy to support your local gig or European Tour with our full service Backline. 


With over 30 years of personal experience as musicians and stage technicians, we offer all kinds of Vintage Backline, Modern Classics and of course our personal service, -on- and -off- the stage.

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