Vox AC30TB from 1966 JMI Vox AC30TB from 1966


All my guitars are available for studio work and by request as well as a live instrument. We also offer guitar service if needed for your own intrument.


Fender - Stratocaster Rory Gallagher

Year: 2011



Great playabillity, all stock !

Fender - USA Standard Stratocaster

Year: 1994



Fully stock apart from the bridge PU which is a SHSJ Seymour Duncan

Fender - Stratocaster American Vintage

Year: 1988



One of the first Corona made ones. All original !

Fender - USA Export I-Serial Stratocaster

Year: 1989


Great Strat with a Handwired `69 Pickup Set from

Alexander Pribora

Fender - Stratocaster US Standard

Year: 1995



Fretboard has been reshaped to 12" radius. Neck and middle pickup DiMarzio single coil and the bridge is a Seymour Duncan SH-4

Fender - Telecaster

Year: 1970



Beefy neck as common in this era, fully stock apart from the bridge which has been changed in the late 70s to a 6 saddle one.

Fender - Telecaster Custom

Year: 2009


A rare Fender Telecaster Custom Roadworn from 2009. 

Seymour Duncan in the Bridge for singing leads. 


ALSO AVAILABLE from 2009 in Non Roadworn !!

Squier  - Telecaster

Year: 2013


Great Player which is normally used as a Tour Backup.  Since it sounds so great, it is worth to be shown here.

Upgraded electronics with a Dimarzio Fast Track and a Twang King. Pro fretwork and setup.

Fender - Telecaster Standard


Year: 1995


Great Player with Fender Vintage Noiseless Pickups

Fender - Stratocaster USA Standard

Year: 1989



Great sounding Strat with maple fretboard and stock electronincs

Fender - Stratocaster Deluxe HSS

Year: 2006



All stock apart from the Seymour Duncan SH-4 bridge Humbucker. Fits nicely to the SCN singlecoils

Fender / Squier - Stratocaster Silver Series

Year: 1996



Beefy neck with rosewood fretboard. Pickups are SCN from a Fender Deluxe. The last Squier from Japan.

Fender - Stratocaster MEX Squier Series

Year: 1995


Classical Made in Mexico Stratocaster from the early days.


Equipped with Fender Texas Specials

Fender / Squier - 50s Vibe Stratocaster

Year: 2014



A great player with a fantastic rounded neck. It is equipped with 3 Dimarzio stacked singel coils ( HS-3 & HS-4 )

Fender - Bullet I

Year: 1981



Fully stock with light v-shaped neck

Fender - Bronco

Year: 1974



All stock Fender Bronco


Gibson - Les Paul Classic

Year: 2015



Very nice sounding Les Paul with 57s PUs.

Gibson - Les Paul Classic

Year: 2004


Heavily toured Les Paul Classic with Tonerider Rocksong Pickups

Gibson - Les Paul Traditional Pro

Year: 2011



60s neck, BB3 in the bridge

Epiphone - Les Paul Joe Perry Boneyard

Year: 2004



Gibson Burstbuckers in neck and Bridge position. 59 Neck shape.



Gibson - Les Paul Classic

Year: 2007



Limited Edition with 3 DiMarzio Super Distortion pickups and ebony fretboard.



Gibson - Les Paul Studio Gitarre mieten München Gibson - Les Paul Studio

Gibson - Les Paul Studio

Year: 2007


Classic 490R & 498T configuration with Tone Pros Bridge

Gibson - Les Paul Junior

Year: 2011



For the purist out there, dirty bluesy p90 sound

Gibson - Les Paul Standard

Year: 1996



Fantastic Honeyburst, all Stock with 490R and 498T pickups

Epiphone - Standard Les Paul Natural Mahagoni LE


Year: 2009


A classic les Paul from Epiphone with upgraded tuners, Gibson PUs and an incredible finish !

Epiphone - Muse Les Paul


Great Player, very light nad great color.

Had a high quality neck repair !

Epiphone - Standard Les Paul


Great Player in Ice Tea Burst

Had a high quality neck repair !

Epiphone - Les Paul Std. Quilted Maple Top

Year: 1999


Limited Edition from 1999 with black hardware, all stock.

Gibson - SG Government Series II

Year: 2013


Limited Edition with Gibson Dirty Fingers+ Humbucker. 

60s Neck shape. 

Epiphone - DOT Gibson es335 Rentals Munich Backline Epiphone - DOT

Epiphone - DOT

Year: 2008


Very nice Gibson ES335 remake with good playabiliy and a strong sound.

Epiphone - DOT Studio Ebony Rental Giterre mieten München Verleih Instrument Epiphone - DOT Studio

Epiphone - DOT Studio

Year: 2000s


Nice Epiphone with great output

Epiphone ES339 - Pro Rental Mieten Backline Instrument rental Epi ES339 Pro

Epiphone ES339 - Pro


Great player with it´s smaller body size, suiteable for all styles. Nicel pellham blue, had a headstock repair recently. 

Epiphone - Flying V '67 Reissue


Year: 2004


Great Player, very light and comfortable. Pickups have been upgraded to Gibson 57s. Very nice.

Epiphone SG - Lefthand 1994 Rentals Backline Epiphone SG LH

Epiphone SG - LEFTHAND


Year: 1994


A great playing Epiphone SG for the versatile Lefty.

Seymour Duncan JB in the Bridge, Ibanez V7 on the neck.


Tokai `61 SG mieten gitarre münchen Tokai SG

Tokai `61 SG 


Great Japanese SG from 2002. Build Quality is at least on par with G


Danelectro '56 U2 Rentals Backline LIve Munich Tour support Danelectro '56

Danelectro '56 U2

Year: 1999


One of the first 90s reissues. Great sounding, lightweight guitar with full upgraded electronics for performance safe playing.

Danelectro `59 mieten rental Danelectro `59

Danelectro `59


2000 Reissue. Heavily used but still ready to rock.

Danelectro  - Danoblaster Gitarre mieten münchen Rental Guitar Pedalboard Mieten Danoblaster

Danelectro  - Danoblaster

Year: 2001



Danelectro DANO Pro Effektgeräte leihen Backline Rental Service Guitar Danelectro to rent Danelectro Dano

Danelectro DANO Pro

late 90s


Only built for a short time, these unique looking guitar has the same easy playability and full bodied sound like most of the Danelectros

Danelectro HoDad 1999 Backline Rental Munich European Tour Danelectro HoDad

Danelectro HoDad

Year: 1999


The ultimate Surfsoundmachine


Ibanez ICT-700 Dimarzio D-Activator Rental Backline Gitarre mieten Ibanez ICT-700

Ibanez - Iceman - ICT700

Year: 2008


A classic - modern mixture of a real nice guitar. Equipped with Dimarzio D-Activators for a sharp attack !

Ibanez MBM-2  Backline Rental Munich Verleih gitarre München Ibanez MBM-2

Ibanez MBM-2

Year: 2009


Equipped with EMGs: 81/60

Ibanez Roadstar II - 205


Year: 1983


Very nice sounding vintage strat type from Ibanez. Very futuristic Out of PHase switch and hot ( 8k ) pickups

Ibanez - 2354 SG Lawsuit

Year: 1973



New pots and electronincs but original Maxon PUs

Ibanez Les Paul - 2342 Sunlight Special

Year: 1975


Fresh refretted Ibanez Lawsuit Les Paul with Maple Fretboard and original Super 70 Pickups


Luxor Les Paul Custom


Year: early 70s


Superb player with original Maxon pickups. A tad more lightweight over a usual Les Paul. 


ESP - KH-3 Spider

Year: 2001



A Guitar like a machine.... 2 EMG 81s, OFR trem


Jackson DMXG - Reverse Headstock


Year: 2004


Great Shredder with 2 DiMarzio Pickups

Jackson - Fusion SX

Year: 1993


The ultimate shredding machine !

Sports 2 EMG 81 and a licensed MIJ Floyd Rose

Jackson DK2M  Rental Army matte Los Angeles Munich Backline Jackson DK2M

Jackson - DK2M


Equipped with Seymour Duncan SH-2 and SH-4


Framus - Sorento 6

Year: 1972


The german version od Gibsons ES335 with a nice warm sound. 2 Original Framus P90 Pickups, and just recently refretted.


Vester - Superstrat


Year: 80s / 90s


Not typically a guitar i have in my storage, but this one plays so great, equipped with an SH-6 and a great FR trem. If you´re into 80s Glam Rock, this one is the right axe.


Need something to fiddle around off stage?

We have a few acoustics available. Nothing too fancy but professionally set up and just right for studio work, backstage or your hotel room.

Just get in touch if you´re looking for anything specific.

Gitarre mieten Martin Sigma Yamaha München leihen vermieten Sigma 00M-1STS-SB

Sigma 00M-1STS-SB


Great and for its size full sounding Acoustic.

Career CWJ Career CWJ

Career CWJ


Made in Korea

Yamaha FX310A Yamaha FX310A

Yamaha FX310A


incl. Preamp

Epiphone - Hummingbird Studio


Great open sound with piezo pickup

Recording King - Dirty 30s


Vey nice Dobro with great playability. Great for finger picking with low action !




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