New Drums arrived ! Backline Rentals Sonor Tama, Yamaha Drumset New Drums arrived !

Other helpful gear & service !

Even if we are not the typical backline company we carry a few other things which might be helpful. And of course if it fits in my timetable i also offer on site support as a guitar technician or stage hand.

Yamaha Stage Custom


From our studio work we also carry a Yamaha Stage Custom, cased if needed. 


It carries a 10", 12" and 14" Tom and a choice of either the original yamaha wooden snare or a Ludwig Supraphonic from the 70s.

Sonor 2007 - Blue Black


Bass 22“

Toms 10“,12“,13“,14“,

16“Standtom, 14“ Snare



We have  a good bunch of standard and special mics including a full set of Prodipe Salmieri drum mics.




Shure          SM57

      Shure          SM58

 Shure       Beta 58

Shure          PG56

Rode               M3

Lewitt       240Pro

Sennheiser   E609

Electro Voice CO4

AKG           C5600


AKG D12 Vintage Rental Verleih München Studio Backline AKG D12

AKG D12 from the 60s

Barcus Berry Studio Preamp Pre-Amplifier NOS 1332 Studio Rental Munich Vermietung Vorverstärker Microfon Barcus Berry Studio Pre-Amplifier

Barcus Berry > Studio Pre - Amplifier

Year: 1973


For the ultimate Vintage experience !

Great for Mics & Pickups

Marshall PB100 Rental equipment munich Backline Marshall PB100

Marshall PB-100


Classic Marshall Power Brake

8 and 16 Ohm

THD Hot Plate 4 Ohm Rental Equipment München Verleih verlmietung THD Hot Plate

THD Hot Plate 4 Ohm


For most Fender oriented amps a usefull tool.

Marshall SE-100 Rentals Backline Studio Equipment Munich Bavaria Germany Marshall SE-100

Marshall SE-100


Legendary Speaker Emulation with up to 16db Power Soak



If you plan you own recording session we can equip you with plenty of cables for every need.

- Music Stands

( foldable and orchestral )

- Guitar Stands

( single and multi - up to 5 guitars )

- Microphone Stands


Pedalboard Boss CE-2 PH-1 Vai bad horsie 2 TS808DX München Pedalboardbau Pedalboard 2019



We carry various sizes of pedalboards to create your rental board.

Stage Carpet


Don´t like the feel of stage wood under you feet ?


We carry a 2.5x2m persian carpet to make your stage attendance even more comfortable.

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